The campsite is opened by Yvonne and Eugène Loiseau


The furnished studios were built


Creation of the road and division of the campsite into two parts


2nd generation – Martine Loiseau and Marcel Blaise take over the campsite


The swimming pool was opened


3rd generation – Cédric Blaise takes over the campsite

The history of the Hippodrome Campsite

1950s : Yvonne and Eugène Loiseau, fishmongers in Chalons-sur-Saône, spend their vacations in Villeneuve-Loubet. Charmés par les atouts de cette ville méditerranéenne, ils décident de s’y installer définitivement et de profiter du climat de la Côte d’Azur.

1955 : Yvonne and Eugène acquire a 1 hectare plot of land. They built their home there, which they wanted to be warm and welcoming. This is how the Camping de l’Hippodrome was born, a name that echoes the Côte d’Azur Hippodrome, located next door, in Cagnes-sur-mer. The location is ideal, near the Mediterranean Sea and Villeneuve-Loubet beach, to provide a dream location for holiday makers, in the sun.

However, what Yvonne and Eugène don’t know yet is that they have just launched a family business, something that will be handed down from generation to generation…

1965 : Strengthened by the success of the first years, Eugène decided to extend the campsite with the construction of a new building to extend the range of furnished accommodation. Since then, 15 studios have been built, in addition to the places allocated to tents for campers.

1969 : The city of Villeneuve-Loubet decides to create a road that crosses the campsite. This was a blessing in disguise, as the campsite now has direct access to the A8 motorway. The road made all the local establishments and tourist spots easily accessible and campers found themselves, from then on, only a few minutes away from the neighboring towns, from Cannes to Italy.

This division marks the opening of what we call today: the second part of the campsite…

1991 : When her parents could no longer manage the campsite, Martine Loiseau took over… She had already been working at the establishment for several years and knew the ins and outs of the business.

Assisted by her husband, Marcel Blaise, Martine manages her campsite with great skill and puts her heart and soul into maintaining the legacy of her parents’ work.

1998 : What would a campsite be without a swimming pool ? At the end of the 20th century, the construction of the swimming pool begain ! The swimming pool was created with mosaics in the shape of horses. At the heart of the campsite, it becomes the meeting place of the holiday makers. Heated all year round, lazing around on the Côte d’Azur takes on a whole new meaning !

2013 : Falling unwell, Martine takes the time to train her son on how to manage the establishment. Supported by the Nojosa family, Cédric Blaise now takes over and brings modern touches to the establishment, without distorting the traditions, as a tribute to his mother who has invested so much in this family haven.

2017 : The story repeats itself as Cédric’s life partner invests, in turn, in the life of the campsite and the development of the website.

Today : Over the years, the family continues to grow with campers that come back year upon year ! Bonds are created at the campsite, with customers becoming friends, best friends,… All gather around the Blaise family and create lasting memories, shared on social networks with the hashtag #HeartofAzur.

What’s more, July, Cedric’s daughter, is already actively participating in the life of the campsite and assures that later, she will continue the legacy of her great grandparents…

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